Arabic Calligraphy Art

Nasser Eddine Zitouni

All of you are from Adam, and Adam is from earth. Acrylic/Ink on canvas 150x100cm

"Highly aesthetic calligraphies..., he has developed his art to the extent of creating legible objects." Bonner Rundschau

"Beautifully scripted in the ancient art of Arabic calligraphy. Popping out of the brightly colored paintings is a curvy script, whole passages of writing, that blend together and seem to move and sway on the canvas." Deutsche Welle World Radio



The word is at the centre of all oriental arts - calligraphy is the refined art of perfectioning the beauty of letters and words and skillfully composing an expressive visual message, creating a likewise contemplative and meditative experience!





D. Rumi

"Der Regen ist es, der die Blumen zum Blühen bringt, nicht der Sturm."





Johann v. Goethe

"Wer meine Laster erträgt, dem will ich dienen, auch wenn es mein Diener wäre."






Johann v. Goethe:

"Der Schmerz vermindert sich im Klagen."

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